Dynamics of Scientific Collaborations

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

As a Digital Humanities scholar, I was curious to understand the dynamics of collaboration and publication behavior inside the discipline. Hence, we analyzed the citation structure of Digital Humanities (DH), and questioned whether a study of DH as a virtual community would help to understand its dynamics better.

Scientometric exploration of Virtual Communities, with the application of overlay maps.

As an interdisciplinary academician collaborating with many scholars from diverse fields, the benefits and drawbacks of collaboration heavily affected my research. I studied the results of big scientific collaborations, especially through two COST Actions of which I was a member of, COST Action MP0801: Physics of Competition and Conflicts and COST ACTION KnowEscape: Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes respectively. We have also looked at the EINS Network of Excellence on Internet Science as a collaboration network, and visualized its collaboration structure.


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2013. Mapping EINS: An exercise in mapping the Network of Excellence in Internet Science. A.A. Akdag Salah, A. Scharnhorst, S. Wyatt, S. Passi. 1st International Internet Science Conference, April 2013, Brussels.